Whether or not a bellows unit is employed in the management of stresses and flexibility in piping design and equipment protection, you will have an account which will record your needs and solutions throughout the life of any product(s) we provide you. Field experience with expansion bellows showed that the absence of reliable record of unit requirement and installation results in costly re-assessment and replacement. Accurate record keeping and information retrieval has improved with the advent of portable devices linked to cloud storage. This means that our customers can be confident of having the right information at hand when planning turnarounds and new projects.

Stress can be defined as the intensity of force or forces at a point in a system. Mechanical stresses are induced as a result of applied mechanical forces of sustained components of gravity and pressure, occasional component of temperature changes and others such as wind and snow. A product data sheet gives customers the opportunity to provide guided design solutions and information that will be available throughout the life cycle of all units installed in a plant.

We provide pipework flexibility assessment to inform on the state of stress at fixed and sensitive equipment which may or not require flexibility augmentation with expansion bellows or loop(s). We have typical cost based comparison as part of the information to assist the customer in making the investment choices in compact piping design.

We provide bellows expansion joints applications to guide selection process in introducing much needed movement flexibility during detailed piping design of compact systems. We provide the customer with a derived stress isometric for all installed systems whether or not a bellows unit is employed.

We provide training in underlying knowledge required to implement the results of derived stress isometrics and the much needed maintenance procedure that will ensure the installed unit operates correctly throughout the expected cycles of piping movement.